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100x100football's Journal

Football Icons
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Welcome to the icon community for everything football icons. Please take a moment to read the rules before joining!


--Please post your icons here. Or link to a post containing the icons that are in your journal or community.
--Please don't link to a friends-only post, and try to avoid fake cuts. Simply post a link to your journal instead of using a fake cut.
--Use a lj-cut when posting more than 3 icons, please.
--Your teaser should contain 3 or less icons.
--Wallpapers, blends, and headers are welcome too, as long as they are a part of an icon post.
--Please don't make a post with just one icon here. Wait until you have more icons made, and then post them all together.
--If you need to contact the community owner, please do it at irish_xlovex's journal.
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